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Server Rules:

  1. Remember, its just a game, strictly speaking.
  2. No alternate accounts.
  3. No botting.

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In the name of fairness and preventing conflicting or contradictory administrative decisions this server operates on precedent, so as much as possible similar situations will be given the same treatment, this means often the most relevant information about how we will handle a specific case is what has been done in the past, this page does not intend to cover in exhaustive detail every crime and every punishment, only to outline what we will be viewed as cheating and acted upon. In the case that you are ever uncertain about the legality of an action please message modmail. The administrators will be more than happy to tell you and if you request even provide relevant cases.

That said, the administrators are there to ensure the health of the server. They will not hesitate to act in order to preserve the health of the server and it's community even if there is no existing precedent or existing precedent does not comprehensively address the issue at hand. In other words, the Civcraft administration reserves the right to ban anyone from any of our services for any reason but will strive to do so within the henceforth established rules to the best of our abilities.

Please also keep in mind that the server is also beholden to the laws and regulations of the country in which it is currently hosted in (Canada) and of its parent company (United States) as well as the Minecraft EULA.

Civcraft Administration Policy

  • Civcraft admins exist to create, maintain, and expand game mechanics that allow the creation of player societies in Minecraft this is the source as well as the limit to their authority.
  • In situations where the above directive has been compromised, admins may interfere to correct the game world from the flaw in mechanics. This is not limited to but may include banning players while game breaking issues are resolved.
  • Depending on the conclusion of the administration from the presented reasoning changes will be made to resolve the situation to one resembling the outcome of correct mechanics, this is up to the discretion of administrators as to how far compensation and changes are to go based on practical constraints.
  • Ban decisions are final.
  • Bans are only discussed in modmail


If you see a ban message like the one below you should contact modmail. We use bans to enforce rules and to force players players to communicate with us, so being banned does not necessarily mean you are in trouble.

Being cooperative and honest will increase the speed of an unbanning. However counterproductive behavior may result in a longer ban.


Main article: No cheating

Actions defined as cheating:

  1. The use of client side modification to the Minecraft client that changes the data being sent to the server from the behavior of the standard client.
  2. The use of client side modification to gain and act on more information about the server map than possible with the default client.
  3. Modifications must not perform task at above human capability.
  4. Actions that serve to circumvent server plugins.
  5. Maliciously Exploiting Client or Server side bugs or glitches
  6. The use of alternate accounts (aka alting)
  7. Botting

Players who have evidence of another player is cheating according to the definition above must report such incidents to modmail with accompanying evidence and context.

Botting and Scripts

Main article: Botting and Scripts

Players sometimes use external programs or mods to automate tasks within the client by writing scripts or macros. These are, on a basic level, allowed. However, heavily automated scripts, often called “bots” by the player base, are banned. Scripts are similar to mods and must abide by the above rules. Bots are defined as any script or set of scripts that go beyond simple actions.

Doxxing and Harrassment

Main article: Too Far

Alternate Accounts

Main article: Alternate Accounts

Civcraft uses an automated system to find and prevent the use of alternate accounts. Any account you have ever used to log onto Civcraft is considered your alt and the system may create a chain of associations between accounts detected as your alts and other accounts regardless of other factors.

Players may only use one account on Civcraft. One account, per person. Logging into any account other than the first account you logged into the server with will result in a ban.

However, it is not uncommon for false positives to result in a player being falsely alt banned.

If you believe that you been falsely alt banned then contact modmail with your answers to the form below.

Alt List Repair Form

Banned player association

Due to the nature of Minecraft, Civcraft may often have cases where players are banned for cheating and then proceed to return through evasive use of stolen or new accounts to continue playing with and being supplied by their same in game group. With the goal of properly enforcing cheating rules and make less effective alt evasion to continue cheating on our server we have instituted penalties for players knowingly associating with and supplying banned players. A player who associates with a banned player who has been previously convicted and banned in such a way that it is reasonable to assume they were aware of the cheaters banned status will be banned from the server for a short period as a warning. Continued association will result in longer and longer sentences.


Main article: Reporting