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Civcraft is a modded server and has many radical changes to gameplay using minor gameplay tweaks and major server side mods (plugins). These mods provide the means by which players can form or destroy society.

Gameplay Tweaks

Civcraft is a server side modded server and has many radical changes to gameplay.

  • There is no default spawn. Players spawn at a random place on death.
  • Chat is limited to 1,000 blocks.
  • Ores are obfuscated as stone until you walk within a radius of them. Obsidian is obfuscated if it is surrounded on all sides.
  • Many crafted blocks are obsfucated as well such as chests and crafting benches.
  • Nether portal travel is disabled.
  • Iron golems do not drop iron on death.
  • Villager trading is disabled.
  • Enderchests are disabled.
  • Earning experience from mining and killing mobs is disabled. Experience is produced in a bottled form using Factories.
  • Growth rates of plants and animals are reduced and specific to Biomes.

Plugins and Mods

All required Civcraft mods are server side, which means that you only need Minecraft to hop on and play. For clarifications “plugins” are modifications that run purely on the server and have no required install for the player.


NameLayer handles groups creation and management, in addition to name changes. Once you have connected to Civcraft with a name, it is permanently yours. If a name is already taken, then NameLayer will add a number to the name.

See NameLayer for more information.


Citadel lets you protect blocks from other players through a system called 'reinforcement'. To reinforce a block, type '/ctr' and right-click the block you want to protect while holding a reinforcement material in your main hand. See https://i.imgur.com/GyYBylR.png for a detailed list. The item will disappear, and the block will be reinforced. When a block is reinforced it will begin to mature. Once the time period has passed, other players have to break it multiple times to actually destroy it—the number of breaks depends on reinforcement material. Thus, protection is possible but not impenetrable.

See Citadel for more information.


How do you know who breaks your chest or burns your house?

JukeAlert is the answer. Jukeboxes have been re purposed as the equivalent of security cameras. Anything someone does while within eleven blocks of a jukebox you've reinforced will be logged on it, and can be read by looking at the jukebox (we call them 'snitches' by the way) and typing '/jainfo'. Snitches will also tell you in chat whenever someone enters their range. Of course, it doesn't do any good to know who did something if you can't stop them.

See Juke Alert for more information.


PrisonPearl makes it so players can imprison each other (called 'pearling') in The End. Kill someone with an ender pearl in your hotbar and they'll be stuck in The End and tied to the pearl. Destroying the pearl releases them. Remember that someone can do this to you, and usually will if you attack them, grief their buildings, or steal their items.

See Prison Pearl for more information.


FactoryMod is the primary way we encourage capital investment and discourage hermiting; it enhances and expands the tech tree through 'factories': structures that let you produce more of an item, cheaper, but for a significant upfront factory-creation price. They also let you produce experience from crops such as wheat, carrots, cactus, and mob drops. Even though you can produce more from raw materials using factories, it's actually harder than vanilla minecraft, largely due to RealisticBiomes and our custom map. The details get pretty complicated, but there's a guide here Factorymod wiki. And a simple diagram with price costs https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1l9eoVZciaX3F48Jb3CJd-tzn6k1S-8q1ATSTmJOQDbY/


ItemExchange allows players to create shops to buy or sell goods. For a complete guide to see ItemExchange.

Realistic Biomes

RealisticBiomes makes farming harder by limiting growth rates of crops and making them only grow well in certain biomes. Crops on Civcraft are important because regular experience gain is disabled and crops are the only way to produce it; this is done in conjunction with another plugin: Factorymod.

Each shard grows each plant at a different rate, this can be quickened by playing clay under the dirt that your crops are growing on, or glowstone directly next to it.

For the growth rate spreadsheet, click here.


Bastion is a mod that allows the creating a special type of block that prevents those not part of the Citadel Group placing blocks within the 10 block square above the bastion block and up to sky limit from placing blocks within the field. Bastions are sponge blocks in-game and are very expensive to manufacture. It is highly recommended to purchase blocks since the initial required investment for making Bastions is very high. Sponge blocks are made with Factorymod.

For more information see Bastion.

Minor Mods

In addition to the above major mods, there are some minor mods that greatly affect gameplay.


Expand donkey inventories to the capability of a double chest, 54 slots instead of 15, without external storage. One slot is reserved for the saddle so the effective number of slots is actually 53.

For more information see Burricos.

UPDATE: Note that Burricos was taken offline, possibly forever, because of duplication exploits.

Combat Tag

Upon login, or when attacked, the player receives a 30 second combat tag. If the tagged player logs out during this period they will leave a non-player character that can be killed and pearled. Additionally, using ender pearls to teleport also triggers a combat tag.

Type /ct to check for a combat tag.


By feeding a tamed animal a cookie, you cause them to become untamed. This allows you to trade previously tamed animals to other players.

Arthropod Egg

Using a sword with the Bane of Antropods enchantment to kill a passive mob has a chance of dropping a spawn egg). This can be used to replenish your animal farms after a griefer, or Mustercull, strikes.


In order to maintain decent server performance, there is a limit to the total amount of certain mobs server-wide. Once that limit is reached, Mustercull begins to kill mobs. In addition, having too many animals in one area may cause Mustercull to kill some of them. Mustercull doesn't immediately kill them, instead, it begins taking health away. Once dead, they still drop any goods that would normally drop upon dying. Mustercull is least likely to target named animals. You can name an animal by putting the spawn egg in an anvil and naming it.


Dyncap sets a dynamic limit on the amount of players currently in the game. It also has a very useful queuing feature so that even if the server is full, you won't have to repeatedly join the game for a chance to get a slot. The current player cap is set at 150 players.


Jukeboxes, noteblocks, crafting tables, furnaces, chests, and ores ores, among other things, are shown as stone until you walk within a certain radius of them. This makes any x-raying attempts ineffective, rendering the exploit useless.

See Orebfuscator for more information.


CivChat2 limits the chat radius to 1000 blocks. You might find that you'll need to spawn a few times (by dying) before you come into contact of any civilization.

Private Messaging and Group Chat works above the 1000 block chat radius however.

For more information, see CivChat2