Welcome to the official Civcraft wiki


Civcraft is a politically focused simulation that aims to make the player as free as possible to form their own political, social, and economic order. Civcraft requires a legitimately purchased Minecraft account. The server is currently running 1.10.

There are no scheduled map resets.


  1. Remember, it's just a game, strictly speaking.
  2. No doxxing.
  3. There are no other rules.

Getting Started

Civcraft requires a legitimately purchased Minecraft account. All server mods are server side, meaning you don't need to download any mods to play. You can install client side mods to enhance your experience as seen here: I highly recommend installing forge (required for most mods), a minimap, and radar.

Server Address: mc.civcraft.co

Server Version: 1.10


The Map consists of 15 "Shards". Each shard is about 1-2 kilometers in radius, and features its own unique terrain generation. This means that each shard is rich in different resources. To travel between shards, simply walk to the border of the shard you find yourself in.

The Civcraft world generation is noticeably different from vanilla, with beautiful new biomes, hell islands and majestic, enormous mountains. Some are vast oceans, others labrinths of caves. Importantly, there is a striking dissimilarity between our ore distribution and that of Minecraft: each shard contains different proportions of ores. If you are after a particular resource, look for a corresponding shard.

The Ores

*To be updated with ore distibutions across shards*

The Mining Guide is recommended reading before trying to mine ores.

Gameplay Tweaks

Civcraft is a modded server and has many radical changes to gameplay, all changes are server side so you do not need to download any client mods to play Civcraft.

  • There is no default spawn. Players spawn at a random place on death, unless they use a bed.
  • Chat is limited to 1,000 blocks.
  • Ores are obfuscated as stone until you walk within a radius of them. Obsidian is obfuscated if it is surrounded on all sides.
  • Many crafted blocks are obsfucated as well such as chests and crafting benches.
  • Nether portal travel is disabled.
  • Iron golems do not drop iron on death.
  • Villager trading is disabled.
  • Wither terrain damage is disabled.
  • Enderchests are disabled.
  • Earning experience from mining and killing mobs is disabled. Experience is produced in a bottled form using Factories.
  • Growth rates of plants and animals are reduced and specific to Biomes.

You wakeup in an unfamiliar place

When you first spawn in, you will be random spawned in the wilderness, far from other players. It is highly recommended that you find and join an existing city. Most groups are fairly welcoming to new players and as such you usually just have to ask.

The chat radius is limited to 1,000 blocks, so do not be surprised if you don't come into contact with many people while in the wilderness.

Press F3 to view your coordinates. The center of the map is at 0,0. The map is a circle and has a 15,000 block radius.

Coordinate Direction
x indicates your distance east or west
z indicare your distance north or south
y indicates how high or low you are
f the direction you are facing

You can use this map to find where in the world you are. http://www.txapu.com. Most travel occurs in rail networks.

Warning: Be sure to set your bed once you are at a city you like. Dying will cause you to be randomly spawned again, which may place you far away.

Quick and Useful Tips

  • Walk to preserve your hunger bar. Similarly, don't jump unnecessarily.
  • Don't break into homes or chests. People will find and imprison you.
  • Death will make you spawn at a random place. You can die on purpose to try and respawn closer to your target city.
  • Clay placed under cropland will boost growthrate.
  • Don't use furnaces except to start off. Factories are way more efficient and much faster.
  • Don't ever smelt gold ore into gold ingots. Gold ore is more valuable in ore form.
  • Don't try and do everything yourself. Civcraft is not for a single player experience!! You will have massive difficulties trying to do everything on your own, find or make your own community.
  • If you don't have experience or material, try trading resources for it. Experience production is complex and time consuming so it is more worthwhile to trade materials used in production in exchange for experience.
  • Try in person, /r/CivcraftExchange or the forum if you want to trade with other players.
  • http://www.civlist.com/ is a website that display what shops in different cities have stocked and is great for getting a feel for the market. Created by zzaarr.
  • Most discussion is on /r/Civcraft and the forum. It's the best place to go to ask questions and know what's going on aside from mumble.
  • A huge part of the game happens on mumble, join us at mumble.civcraft.co:64738, even if you don't have a mic just being in on the discussions that happen there will help you learn and enjoy Civcraft.
  • The Citadel mod allows users to reinforce blocks to protect them against griefers.
  • It is highly recommended to reinforce everything you build. This can be easily done by using /ctf, which will reinforce blocks as you place them as long as you have stone.
  • It is wise to reinforce to a group, which can be created with /nlcg group-name and then /ctr group-name or /ctf group-name
  • Juke Alert allows players to record activity within a radius. Jukeblocks when reinforced will record player activity within a radius of 11 blocks. These are called snitches. Noteblocks that are reinforced will only notify when someone enters its radius.
  • Place your snitches below ground so that they will be obfuscated as stone and as such be invisible to x-ray cheaters.


The major ones that are important to learn are Factorymod, Citadel and JukeAlert. All mods are server side so you don't need to download anything prior to joining the server.

See Mods for more information on the mods that Civcraft uses.


Most trade occurs on /r/CivcraftExchange or through shops chests using the mod ItemExchange.

  1. To trade, left click the chest, this will tell you in chat what exchanges are available. It might have an exchange for 1 diamond to 16 iron.
  2. One chest may have multiple different inputs available. Left click the chest until the trade you wish selected.
  3. Select the diamond(s) in your hotbar and punch the chest. This will take the diamond away and give you 16 iron in place.
  4. A shop chest may have a limited number of items available for an exchange. It will display how many trades it can do for an exchange in chat with Exchanges: 30. This mean I can trade diamonds for iron thirty times before the chest runs out of iron.

For more on creating shop chests read ItemExchange.


FactoryMod completely revolutionizes crafting and allows for more efficient production in the long run. I highly recommend learning how to use FactoryMod as it makes a huge difference. See the Factorymod Wiki for a guide to what FactoryMod can do and how to use it.

  1. Left click on the crafting table with a stick to cycle through the recipes available to the factory.
  2. Left click on the chest while holding a stick to see a summary of the currently selected recipe.
  3. Place the required materials for the recipe into the chest.
  4. Fill up the furnace with the fuel the factory requires.
  5. Left click the furnace while holding a stick to turn on the factory.
  6. Wait for your wonderfully manufactured goods to be produced and placed in the chest. If you want to cancel production left click the furnace while holding a stick, if you want to check on the status of production left click on the chest holding a stick.

For more on the factories that produce experience see Factorymod.

Note: Once experience has been added to your hotbar, it can't be re-bottled. Only use experience when you are going to use it. Dying with 30 levels can be an expensive mistake.