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Player politics often grow beyond local disputes in a single city and stretch across


Map of Civcraft's Alliances at the end of 2.0

Alliances bring together many nations forming political powerhouses, mutual defences, economic strength etc.

Short and Formal Names
UMM - United Minus Minus
NEA - North East Alliance
U3P - United Provinces of the Plus Plus
EB - The Eastern Bloc
GNA - The Great Northern Alliance
HKE - The Holy Krautchan Empire
SAM - Socialist Alliance of Minecraft.


Political Map of Civcraft at the end of 2.0

Nations are formed when a town starts claiming land and expanding further into uniform towns or cities.

Short and Formal Names Leadership Government type
Aytos - The Aytian Federation
Bryn - The Free Nation State of Bryn Grand Penguin Duchess Greenble10 Psudo-Ancap Democratic Monarchy
Carson - The Federated Worker's Cooperatives of Carson
The Commonwealth - The Kingdom of The Commonwealth Prime Minister Colincoolguy, King Anarchomaniac Constitutional monarchy
Equinox - The Republic of Equinox Commandant FrecklesTheCat Undetermined
Eclipse - The Kingdom of Eclipse King HypironTriferionAbsolute monarchy
Fellowship - The Nation of Fellowship Diarchs and Ministers of Fellowship Administrative Diarchy / Democracy
FSR - The Federal Socialist Republics Premier BolledebollConstitutional Democratic Socialist Federal Republic
Garundistan - The Metafederation of Garundistan anidnmeno, Miner_Steve77 Chill Authoritarian Diarchy
Gensokyo - Heavenly Kingdom of Gensokyo Screenname Royal Autocratic Confederacy
Grundeswald - The Kingdom of Grundeswald King Ronald "Reagan" Grundeswald Constitutional monarchy
The ISIS - The Islamic Sultanate of Istanbul and Samarra Sultan GTAIVisbest Theocratic Government
Balkania - The Independent State of Balkania King Spongesuds Absolute Monarchy
Little Latvia - The Republic of Little Latvia Patriarch Ave3ng3d7x
Loveshack - The Principality of Loveshack Prince Toastedspikes I Anarcho-Queerist Loveliness Monarchy
New Danzilona - The Danzilonan Federation
Orion - The City of Orion
Prussia - The Kingdom of Prussia
Saraliana - Nation of Saraliana High Protector Ogel6000 dictatorship
S.P.Q.R. - Res Publica Romana Princeps Mark_Antony Mixed Republic
VALEX - A Civcraft Corporation CEO Logic_Man Corporatocracy
Western Empire - The Western Empire Council of Seven
The Order of Saint Chap the Wanderer - The Chivalric Order of Saint Chap Grand Master R3pret Chivalric Order
Beneshire - Republic of Beneshire Magmus Democracy
Yoahtl - Empire of Yoahtl Alcuahtl St_Leibowitz & Excuahtl SpiderString_ Diarchy/Democracy

Other Groups

Factions and NGO's don't necessarily have land claims but are still politically relevant.

Short and Formal Names Leadership Organization type Goals
The Global Historical Conservation SocietyGreenble10Non-Governmental, Non-Profit OrganizationTo protect, preserve, and teach the great history and stories of the world of CivCraft.
International Infrastructure ConsortiumgeohashNon-Governmental OrganizationTo build rail connections, maintain international intelligence networks, provide travel advisories, international peacekeeping and emergency services.
Saralianan Library Society Ogel6000 Non-Profit Organization Collecting in game books, and making them available for the general public
Maester Alliance Marcus_Flaminius Non-Profit Organization Recovering, preserving and distributing knowledge in the form of in-game books
Libertarian Socialist International Federation (LSIF) Consensus Trans-national NGO
Blood Crew Bloodidiot PVP Group
Josh and Friends Josh PVP Group
The LADS Consensus PVP Group
Islamic National Front cuthulu 1 Terrorist Group
al'Kawoni Mandy Terrorist Group / End Charity
al'Qassim cuthulu1 Terrorist Group
The CivWizard Council SuperWizard68 and Rekvia A wise Wizard Council To spread our wisdom and provide peace across the map.
The Meme Team Impulca and Thoths PVP Group To aid our allies with support using memes, and other meme techniques.
TridentCorp Dexmaq Non-Governmental Organization Fledgling Corporation within the minus, minus.
The Socialist Melon Party (SMP) DawgTheMelon Political Party Medium Scale Political Party stationed in Bryn.
Shrek's Witnesses RavenMC_ Religious influenced political group Spreading the 'truth' of Shrekism around CivCraft
The Eden Group None, disbanded (Formerly Diet_Cola) Security Oriented NGO To protect Civcraft from threats and to promote Human Rights
The Prosperity Party of Aytos kevalalajnen Political Party Political Party in Aytos.